Al-Noor Guest Inn
Hospitality in your style

Service Apartment / Guest house features

1.      5 Double Bed Rooms and 2 Single Bed Rooms each with full furnished and attached bath room

2.      2 Family Rooms with 4 Beds in each room with attached bathroom

3.      24 hrs Hot and Cold water

4.      All the Rooms are Air Conditioned

5.      Refrigerator

6.      Washing Machine

7.      Drinking Hot-Cold and Normal Water dispenser

8.      Kitchen with L.P.G Stove and Microwave oven.

9.      Dining Table

10.  Prayer Hall for Namaz (Prayer) is available. Janimaz for Namaz is available on request

11.  For Namaz, Qiblah indicator is provided in all Rooms.

12.  Full furnished Living Room.

13.  All the rooms are facilitated with Internet Broadband Connection

14.  Intercom available

15.  Inverter will be available as a power supply in case of main power failure

16.  All Rooms are provided with TV including TATA SKY/SUN DIRECT connection

17.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served on request

18.  2 and 4 wheeler closed parking deck available

19.  English / Tamil News Paper for everyday news

20.  6 rooms are at ground floor level

21.  One Big Bed Room fully Interior Decorated is available only for VVIP

22.  Multi pin socket/Adapter available for connectivity of Laptop etc.

23.  Drinking Water- Mineral Water no charges.

24.  All Rooms were provided with Good Knight Mosquito Repellent.

25.  Cell Phone Charger for different make is available in all the Rooms.

26.  Pick up and Drop off will be arranged as per the  request.

27.  Our Guest House/Service Apartment is a totally homely atmosphere.

28.  Bed spread and pillow cover is in white.

29.  Steam Iron Box were provided for cloth pressing.

30.  A quality Soap and Shampoo will be available for every day.

31.  Bed Rooms and Bath Rooms are well maintained with Room Freshener/Naphthalene Balls.

32.  All Toilets are E.W.C. (Western type)

33.  GYM is available for only our Guest.

34.  On line Air,Train,bus ticket for domestic travel can be arranged on request.

35.  Effective, Impressive and Innovative Thought Provoking charts are displayed in each Room every day on rotation basis.

36.  Welcome Board will be displayed on prior intimation for our valued Guest.